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Online personal growth training "Creativity for all"

Author: Autumn Byrne

How to apply the method of design thinking and storytelling.

What you will learn

  • the method of design thinking based on local and foreign cases
  • understand the "pain" and needs of others
  • conduct qualitative research
  • identify free niches in the market
  • make "empathy maps"
  • turn challenges into opportunities
  • generate ideas and conduct brainstorms
  • come up with ideas for a startup or expand an existing business
  • test ideas for success with minimal losses
  • the basics of storytelling
  • tell stories – personal or about a business/project


This course does not require prior knowledge, only the desire to learn and reveal your potential.


The skill of creative thinking – not only for a select few, the so-called "creatives" – it is necessary for everyone who wants to work effectively, come up with inspiring projects, live consciously, cheerfully and with benefit for others.

Despite the common belief, everyone has creativity, you just need to find the key to it. There is a sequence of actions that helps wake up an inner innovator, even if you thought you had the most uncreative profession in the world. This sequence of actions constitutes the method of design thinking. We will introduce you to a set of tools that can be used in any task, from routine to strategic.

Well, so that you can create an attractive story around your project, convincingly tell about your ideas, results or the path traveled, your attention is the chapter of the course devoted to storytelling.

Time to invent, implement ideas and not be silent about it!

Who is this course for:

  • The method is useful not only for "creatives", but also for people of other professions who want to come up with useful and cool things.
  • Design thinking is indispensable for those who understand the importance of innovation and human-centeredness for modern business.
  • This course is useful to everyone who wants to make their lives conscious and interesting, solve personal problems creatively and be able to "hear" other people.
  • For those who want to create content.
  • For those who would like to monetize a hobby or start their own business.
  • For those who need to create compelling presentations and talk about their product or service.
  • For those for whom it is important that the work is for the soul.
  • For those who need a shake-up and a new way of looking at things.
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